Contemporary Sites of Chaos in the Literatures and Arts of the Postcolonial World

Edited by Marie Helene Laforest, Frances Jane Wilkinson


Much has been said about the connection between chaos theory in science and in recent literature and philosophical thinking, particularly about the way in which they talk to each other in postmodern culture. Our wanting to look at contemporary sites of chaos, as the title of this volume states, is motivated by the will to face these chaotic times, to try and understand what chaos may mean, and also to ask why looking at chaos may be interesting for postcolonial studies scholars, writers and readers.

The book stems from the work of AISCLI and is published by Aracne editrice.

Contributors: Esterino Adami, Simona Bertacco, Giuseppina Botta, Elena Maria Carraro, Roberta Cimarosti, Giulia D’Agostini, Paola Della Valle, Claudia Gualtieri, Maria Paola Guarducci, Jaqueline Jondot, Annalisa Oboe, Federica Zullo.