Updated CFP Aiscli Conference Acting Out and Thinking Ahead 17-18 February 2022 new deadline 6 January 2022

The conference aims to draw an updated map of such a rich and multifaceted production and to investigate how activism contributes to cultural change by adapting to new media (Alperstein 2021; Gerbaudo 2012; Treré 2020) and reshaping new literary and artistic genres—suffice it to mention the increasing popularity of hashtags in naming and legitimising social movements online or the emergence of digital literature. In this scenario, also activist translation plays a fundamental role in connecting and empowering transnational movements, managing conflict, contesting existing forms of discrimination and injustice, and ultimately producing social transformation (Baker 2006; Gould and Tahmasebian 2020; Tymoczko 2010; Vallorani 2021).

Going back to the definitions above, the conference wishes to explore and analyse works by writers and artists who “act out” and “think ahead”, not only by questioning the past and challenging the present, but also by envisaging and anticipating a better and more just future, creating a performative counter-discourse that relies first and foremost on the power of language.

  • Activist literature and literary provocations
  • Textual and generic hybridisations
  • Spoken word poetry and performativity
  • Digital/Electronic literature
  • Scholarly activism
  • Decolonising academia
  • Artivism, performance and resistance
  • The cancel culture debate
  • Postcolonial translation and activism
  • Publishing policies as activism
  • Digital and cyber-activism
  • Globalisation and transnational activism;
  • Online activist and/or author communities;
  • Transnational activism and migration.

Confirmed keynote speakers:

Bronwyn Carlson, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia

Annalisa Oboe, University of Padua

Nicoletta Vallorani, University of Milan

Guest artists:

Danielle SeeWalker (Lakota artist and writer) & Carlotta Cardana (photographer)

Proposal submission:

Please send your proposal to info@aiscli.it by January 6, 2022. Proposals must include title, 250-word abstract, institutional affiliation and contact information. Acceptance will be notified by January 16, 2022. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the conference will be held online. There are no conference fees. In order to present a paper, speakers must be full members of AISCLI. Information about membership fees and procedures are available online at http://www.aiscli.it/iscrizioni/.

Conference convenors:

Lorena Carbonara, Mirko Casagranda, University of Calabria

Scientific committee:

Esterino Adami, Lorena Carbonara, Mirko Casagranda, Carmelina Concilio, Marina De Chiara, Eleonora Federici, Serena Guarracino, Marilena Parlati.


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