7th AISCLI Conference

Bologna, 14-15 January 2016

confirmed keynote speakers:
Prof. Paul Gilroy (King's College London)
Prof. Bertrand Westphal (Université de Limoges)

guest writer:
Xiaolu Guo

Deadline for paper proposals 31 October 2015

AISCLI Summer School 2015

World Cultures & Literatures In English

From Europe to a variety of World Literatures and Cultures in English. The AISCLI Summer School aims at widening the competence of BA postgraduate students (also those who wish to become teachers, educators, cultural mediators, translators), doctoral students and PhD holders in the field of postcolonial theories, literatures and cultures.

This wider perspective on African, Caribbean, Canadian, Pacific and Asiatic artistic and intellectual productions - in the form of poetry, prose, drama, music, figurative art, architecture and cinema - will be the focus of a series of lectures, seminars and workshops held by academics, who are expert and have publications in those fields.
Website Locandina 21-26 September 2015

AISCLI partecipa a

7 GENNAIO 2015

Igiaba Scego, Non in mio nome, 7 gennaio 2015